Corporate Videos

At Kilogram Box, we understand the importance of the corporate image and the need for companies to connect with current and future customers. We believe the best way to convey the mission, values and successes of your company is through our corporate video services.

As a production company, our audiovisual services include all the phases of production from start to finish. From the initial idea, to the final format, we guarantee you a product of the highest quality upon completion

  • Corporate Videos

    We enhance the image of your company through corporate videos that clearly and convincingly transmit the mission and values of your company, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

  • Institutional Videos

    For every institution, whether public or private, it is important to have a video that communicates their objectives and commitments to their clients base.

  • Instructional Videos

    We are experts in providing companies or institutions a means to inform and educate employees, students or the general public. From employee training videos, to step by step instructional videos, we use the latest techniques, such as interactive videos to convey content clearly and concisely.

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