E-commerce & Product Photography

E-commerce & Product Photography helps consumers decide which products to buy, whilst also functioning as the image of the brand online.

The photography must present the products in an attractive light and help users to understand their features in a simple and true-to-life manner. For this reason, great care must be taken in the photographic process, down to the smallest details, starting with good composition and professional lighting to capture the size, textures and colours of the products. The last stage of the process involves digital retouching to highlight product features.

Our high-quality photography can be utilized in various digital platforms such as ecommerce sites, blogs, social networks, banners and print media such as catalogs, magazines, or billboards. Additionally, we create corporate and video tutorials to demonstrate products and their features.

We can travel to your headquarters to carry out photo shoots, or can be sent the product and take care of all everything at our studio.

What type of photography do you need?

  • White Background:

    Photos destined for eCommerce sites usually present products against a pure white background as this is required by platforms such as Amazon. In this case, excellent lighting and composition are essential to presenting the product to the consumer in a clear and attractive manner.

  • Silhouette:

    This type of photography crops the background from a product image, thus providing endless design possibilities and opportunities to find the best way of selling the product. In these cases we carefully edit out the background until we achieve the perfect silhouette

  • Advertising:

    For this kind of photography, the product is represented in such a way that all of its qualities are clearly visible, including colour and form, and the beauty of the design is highlighted to ensure the product captivates the viewer and sells itself.

  • 360°:

    New technology allows us to present products in 360° and provide an interactive experience for the user. The impact of this form of presentation is significant. Not only does it allow product features to be viewed from any angle, but it also allows the viewer to interact with the product through devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets, which can help to increase product sales.

  • Food:

    Presenting food in an appetizing and attractive manner requires accomplished and meticulous work. Our aim is to capture spectacular photographs for cookbooks, magazine recipes, restaurant menus, cooking blogs, food packaging etc. We can work at our studio or relocate to kitchens and restaurants

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