Event Recordings

We specialise in multi-camera recording of events, conferences and live shows of all kinds, both private and public. Our highly experienced team evaluates the technical requirements of each event and meticulously plans each recording. We have the necessary technical equipment and an experienced team to guarantee you the best quality video adapted to your needs.

We offer video recording services for events such as fairs, conferences, conventions, product presentations, concerts, video clips, plays, etc. We handle all of the editing of your videos, including, but not limited to, trailers and “making of videos” for promotional purposes via social media. Photography services are also provided upon request.

We are a global company, that has the capacity to cater to events and companies in Spain and abroad. Additionally, we offer photographic services to complement the recorded material of your event and thus immortalise event highlights.

  • Event Recording & Video Clips

    We complete the entire production process, which includes planning, recording and producing high quality videos from your event.

  • Meetings & Conferences Recordings

    We record professional meetings and conferences.

  • Live Shows Recording

    Thanks to our experience in the audiovisual world, we make multi-camera recordings of live shows such as concerts and plays.

  • Professional Photographic Reports

    In addition to video recording and production, we also offer our photographic services.

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