Kilogram Box aims to show the rich cultural heritage of the world through unique communities at risk or who are losing their lifestyles under the influence of global change. This is an urgent and vital task, so the study collaborates with these communities, giving them visibility and the opportunity to explain in their own words the difficulties they face.
Our first film is the award – winning documentary ‘Socotra: The Hidden Land’.

Socotra: The Hidden Land


Hidden from the eyes of the rest of the world, the ancient beliefs and customs of the remote island of Socotra, Yemen, have remained unchanged for centuries. Now faced with the influence of global change, its inhabitants have an opportunity to re-define and improve their lives.

Travelling through the extraordinary landscapes of this hidden island is like crossing a border in time; it is a reflection of the ancestral traditions and life customs of this unique society, which have remained unchanged and practically isolated from the modern world, until a few years ago.

Through the voices of several inhabitants of the Socotran island, the characters give the audience a fresh perspective on the great spiritual and cultural wealth of the island, its future and its daily struggle to preserve its traditions despite globalization.

This is the story of how Socotra is emerging from its isolation.


Title: Socotra: The Hidden Land
Directed by Carles Cardelús
Produced by Steve Brown, Carles Cardelús, Anna Escurriola and Antonio Barba
Edited by Anna Escurriola
Music by Antonio Barba
Written by Carles Cardelús and Anna Escurriola

Country: Spain
Language: English, Socotri and Arabic
Subtitles: English / Spanish / Portuguese
Genre: Documentary
Duration / Run time: 52 min / 40 min
Year: 2015