Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a potent tool for the transmission of concepts through images. Through graphic language, we can help you craft an impactful message and ensure its retention in public memory.

At Kilogram Box, we design graphic campaigns and utilise a wide range of creative techniques to fulfill your production needs. We specialise in graphic design and design experiences that combine art and transmit an idea with new digital technologies. Innovation is one of the hallmarks of our identity, which is fundamental for creating effective and quality communication solutions.

We specialise in large-scale graphic design, corporate images, press design and advertising to fit the needs of your company.

  • Graphic Image

    We are specialised in creating the graphic image that represents with creativity and originality the idea to transmit and we apply it to any type of off-line and on-line format.

  • Corporate Image

    Consumers are attracted to brands and companies well considered for having a good reputation. The main objective of the corporate image is to convey this reputation and values of the company.

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