Fashion Photography and Fashion Films

Our goal is to offer the maximum photographic quality for brands and designers to make their products known. To accomplish this, we take care of every detail. From styling to postproduction, we create a fashion campaign with the perfect aesthetics that best suits your brand’s philosophy.

We offer photographic services for models, catalogs, magazines, advertising campaigns and still life photography. From these photo services, we can create cinematographic ‘fashion films’ using the latest digital technology.

Product Photography and e-commerce

Our high-quality images are ideal for billboards, magazines, catalogs, websites, blogs, social networks or advertisements. We make sure that each product is presented impeccably, down to the smallest detail. We have photographic equipment, professional lighting and are experts in photo retouching, producing images with top-quality finishes.

Food Photography

We can provide excellent images of food for gastronomy books, magazine recipes, restaurant menus, advertisements, blogs and food packaging. We know that presenting food in an appetising and attractive way requires the complete package, which is why we manage the environment, lighting, composition and post-production of images taken in the studio or your personal setting of choice.

Architectural Photography

We photograph houses, buildings, corporate headquarters, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, interiors and even boats. We like to know the philosophy of the architect or interior designer to offer a personalized package and ensure the images convey your desired message. We take care of details such as decoration, frames and definition of volumes and textures. We choose the best time of day to get the optimum lighting and make the photographs captivate the viewer.

Photography of Works of Art

At Kilogram Box, we faithfully reproduce original works of art from museums, foundations, galleries, collectors and artists. We use advanced technology and rigorous postproduction techniques to capture works from all artistic disciplines, such as paintings and sculptures, to obtain the highest quality photographs that can be published or reproduced in any print or digital medium.

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